They aim to increase brand awareness and reputation and promote products, services or the image of a brand on online channels.

A myriad of authoritative sites to recount a brand.

It is important that a company recounts its story on the web by highlighting the peculiarities of its own brand, but if the story comes from many voices and perhaps from authoritative voices, with captivating, engaging and targeted content, the importance then takes on a whole new level.

More than 30,000 sites

to publish on

Highest quality content

written by native speakers

“Digital PR is a measurable outreach/advertising effort to improve your online presence by working with authoritative creators and publishers”


Measuring KPIs

Optimization for goals

Measuring your business

Online presence

Create backlinks

Generate traffic from referrals

Improve organic SEO


Quality content

Valuable information

The chosen tone of voice

How does that work?

4 simple steps


Tailor-made for every single brand and its peculiarities.


Production and dissemination of press releases and branded content on the media.


Data collection and performance check.


Punctual, precise, measured for each area of intervention.

Brand Awareness e Brand Reputation

Strengthen the recognition of a brand for the satisfaction of its target audience.

Special projects created specifically for each client

To each, his own project tailored specifically to the specific sectoral needs.

Professional copywriters

Copywriters with multiple experience, experts in writing unique and fluent content.

We have the right numbers

Worldwide Authority at the service of our customers

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The testimonies of those who have chosen us

Bogdan Marinescu
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I have been working with Linkjuice for over a year and I must say that I have found myself so well that our collaboration continues to flourish. Linkjuice is an agency of very smart professionals, very reliable, punctual and with a lot of resources. They always manage to offer beneficial and profitable solutions for my clients. I fully recommend it!
Carmine Di Donato
SEO & Web Marketing Consultant
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Valid and trained professionals. They combine competence and seriousness, guaranteeing high quality services. I highly recommend it.
Sergio Pinto
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I involved Elisa and the LinkJuice team on some of my link building projects and I am really satisfied with their professionalism, the quality and breadth of the offer, and the support that is given to customers.

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Structuring a Digital PR campaign that allows you to make your brand recognizable in the eyes of the consumer.

Providing step-by-step support in the analysis, strategic definition and operational management of the campaigns to be structured for the brands.

Each publisher sets specific conditions. Forever in digital is a very long time. LinkJuice guarantees publication (unless otherwise indicated by the publisher already specified during the campaign) for a period of 36 months.

Visit and find out more about branch sectors of the group or contact us at

Each proposal is personalized, the investment budget is directly proportional to the historicity of the project, to the competitors of the same and obviously takes into account the budget made available by the referent.

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